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Geothermal Technology

Preventive Maintenance

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Geothermal HVAC Sales & Service

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Prevention is the way to save money, time and liability with the reliable, top-performance of your Geothermal refrigeration system.

Scheduling preventive maintenance for your Geothermal refrigeration system regularly or at least once a year means direct money savings:

  • Extend the life of your system
  • Ensure continuous, trouble-free consistent cooling
  • Reduce operation costs
  • Avoid costly emergency repairs
  • Pass inspections for regulation compliance
  • Reduce liability from workers or customers
  • Improve safety of your system

Our service department will give you a call 2 weeks in advance to the maintenance contract date to schedule a visit to your business.

The date of the appointment, a team will perform all the geothermal refrigeration system maintenance contracted and provide you with a report confirming optimal performance of your refrigeration system.

JD Triplett Co. Preventive Maintenance Contracts take care of all the geothermal refrigeration system maintenance required for your business, factory, warehouse, building, institution or any other public or commercial building.

A thorough maintenance for less.

JD Triplett Co. refrigeration system Maintenance Contracts are comprehensive, performed by professionals and guaranteed to keep your geothermal refrigeration system working perfectly for consistent refrigeration.

You can customize your geothermal refrigeration system Maintenance contract to fit your specific needs with services including:

  • Inspection and cleaning of systems, ducts, piping and wiring.
  • Lubrication and belt replacement.
  • Check for leaks and loose fittings.
  • Inspect thermostats and wiring conditions.
  • Clean and replace filters.
  • Inspect loss of refrigeration in installation
  • Check and clean vent systems.
  • Set system operation by manufacturer specifications.
  • Measure temperature rise rate.

Prevention is the way to save money, time and anxiety with a reliable, top-performance refrigeration system.

Contact us to discuss your geothermal refrigeration system Maintenance Contract today.

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