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Geothermal Air Conditioning

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Geothermal Technology installed in your home or business by our experts for a real Earth-friendly, fuel-free reliable heating system.


Geothermal HVAC Sales & Service

JD Triplett Heating Authorized Dealer

A new reliable technology that saves the Earth and saves you 100% of fuel cost.

Cooling your home or business with zero fuel cost is possible.

Not only you will save 100% in fuel cost with Geothermal technology, you will also produce a lot less carbon footprint while running your air conditioning system.

Hampton Roads HVAC is the leading contractor and installer of Geothermal air conditioning Systems in Hampton Roads and Yorktown area with vast experience using the latest top technology from industry leaders like Water Furnace and American Standard.

Geothermal air conditioning is reliable

Because you are using the natural Earth underground temperature, keeping your home comfortable during the summer, even with extreme temperatures, is possible thanks to up to 400% higher efficiency of the system.

Geothermal air conditioning works everywhere

No matter the size, style or location of your residence or business, Geothermal air conditioning can be a cost effective solution for continuous cooling.

Geothermal air conditioning is Green

With no combustion of fuel as cooling source, Geothermal Heating delivers real ecological and renewable energy solutions. By consuming a small amount of electricity to work, Geothermal is one of the lowest carbon footprint air conditioning options today.

Geothermal air conditioning works with the rest of your cooling system

Hampton Roads HVAC installs the Geothermal Pump to your current ducting, thermostats, vents and piping, so you don’t have to change the whole air conditioning system, just the source of cool air.

Guaranteed to work on any location, we find the correct underground area around your house or business and install the thermal coil and pump in the most efficient and compliant way possible.

Unsure if Geothermal air conditioning is an option for your home or business?  Give us a call.  We will give you a no-obligation expert assessment on how Geothermal air conditioning can save you a lot of money in the upcoming years.