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Design & Installation

Commercial Refrigeration

The trusted name in commercial refrigeration for Hampton Roads and Yorktown Virginia.


Refrigeration Sales & Service

JD Triplett Heating Authorized Dealer

Design and installation of commercial refrigeration for your business or industry with the latest technology.

With an extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining commercial refrigeration units and systems, Hampton Roads HVAC can custom design any type of refrigeration configuration for your business.

Our services include consulting on the best equipment to purchase based on your business needs and professional installation.

Business-ready commercial refrigeration

  • Bakeries
  • Catering
  • Restaurants and food processing
  • Cold storage
  • Hospitals
  • Freezers
  • Deep Freezers
  • Medical freezers
  • Supermarket cold rooms

The reliability of your refrigeration system depends on good quality components and professional installation, which is the reason why you can trust Hampton Roads HVAC with its comprehensive refrigeration system installation services:

  • New installations
  • Retrofitting or upgrading current installations
  • Maintenance of your refrigeration system
  • Expansions
  • Conversion to cleaner technologies
  • Geothermal refrigeration

We can provide you with a detail assessment and quote for your new commercial refrigeration system.  Just give us a call for a no-obligation visit.

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